Faculty Chair

Mr. Kannan is a highly accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience in Biomedical Engineering
Service Operations, Hospital Equipment Maintenance Management, Procurement, consulting, and Technology
Management. His extensive expertise and industry knowledge make him an invaluable asset to Ababil Academy's
Biomedical Skill Training Program.

He has worked as,
Head of the Biomedical Department at renowned hospitals, including Global Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and
Sri Ramachandra University. Currently serves as the Head of Training & Technical at Ababil Academy in Chennai.

His expertise includes:

  • Repairs, maintenance, calibration, and technical support for a wide range of Biomedical Equipment.
  • Organizing comprehensive training programs for service engineers, sales teams, and end users.
  • Active involvement in various aspects of biomedical equipment management and offering advisory services.
  • Obtaining prestigious accreditations and actively participating in quality improvement committees.
  • Mr. Kannan holds an MBA in Operations, an M.Tech in Applied Electronics, and a BE in Electronics and Communication.
  • He is also a certified SAP Business One Solutions Consultant, further enhancing his expertise and credentials.
  • His wealth of experience, deep industry connections, and extensive knowledge of biomedical engineering and
    management make him a valuable resource for students attending Ababil Academy's Biomedical Skill Training
    Program. His commitment to excellence and passion for imparting knowledge will greatly enhance the learning
    experience of participants.

    Students can benefit from Mr. Kannan's expertise as he shares practical insights, industry best practices, and the
    latest advancements in biomedical engineering.