Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim

CEO of Ababil Healthcare

Mohamed's journey in Bio Medical Industry began after he completed his B.E graduation in Biomedical Engineering in RGCE. Realizing the importance of business acumen, he decided to pursue a Post Graduation Diploma in Business Management from BIM, Trichy. Determined to broaden his horizons, he also became an alumnus of the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad, solidifying his knowledge and expertise.

Inspired by the challenges in Ababil Healthcare, he recognized a significant gap between the skills possessed by fresh graduates and the requirements of the industry. He believed that education should not only focus on theoretical knowledge but also provide practical skills and exposure to real-world scenarios. This realization led him to start Ababil Academy, an institution aimed at bridging this gap and ensuring that students were industry-ready upon graduation.

Beyond his role as a CEO of Ababil Healthcare, Mohamed was a man of diverse interests and talents. He is an avid equestrian, finding solace and inspiration in the connection between man and horse. He is into archery and trekking too, embracing the spirit of adventure and excitement.